What has brawn, beauty, resilience, and class? A well built used truck can provide all of this and more and for a low price tag. At Swanson -Buick-GMC Truck, Inc., we offer a variety of great models to help you make an educated decision on which model might be the best option for you. Choose from a wide range of selections including the Sierra 1500, Ford F-150 and Silverado 1500. The choice is yours!


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All trucks are special, and a used truck, even more so. That's because used trucks often have more to offer for the price you pay for them, making them unique in comparison to their brand new counterparts.

What's more is that used trucks often look great, and garner a great amount of attention and respect when you're out and about. Not so sure? Just pull up in one of our big beauties and you'll see what we mean. It's not unlikely that you'll have a few heads turning throughout acton, MA, all because of the ride you chose to make your own.

Not only do contemporary used trucks look the part, but they have astounding capabilities as well. This is especially true of newer models released within the past few years. Each year trucks seem to be getting stronger and are being equipped with more capabilities than ever before. As a result, you can trust a truck to get a hard job done!

One final point about why used trucks make great purchases is that they often come equipped with convenient and functional features that can make your job in Lowell, MA easier. This can include functions like maneuverable tailgate doors, navigation systems, extra storage compartments, and more.

If you think a used truck might be a great option for your next vehicle, check out our used truck inventory at Swanson -Buick-GMC Truck, Inc. in Acton, MA and take one out for a test drive, today!